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We are buying fresh, conventional and bio fruits from our fruit-growers since 1993. Bought products: elderflower, sour cherry in different Hungarian varieties, elderberry, apricot, plum, apple, buckthorn. The scale of our products is constantly growing.


Our site is equipped with state-of-the-art cold store, fruit processing machinery with the capacity to process 20 thousand tons of fruit.


We are selling our processed products in different forms according to the needs of our customers (canneries and other processing plants)

Other services

Storage rental

There is a possibility to store frozen products at our company.
More information: Éva Priger: +36 30/553-9120

Cold storage

2000 square meter pre-cooling house and a 3000 square meter deep-freezer, which is capable to store more than 2500 tons of frozen goods.


According to the needs of our customers we can deliver the processed product with liquid-carrying tank trucks within European Union. We deliver the frozen products in big-bag, paper bags to satisfy our customers. Occasionally we are carrying our products in aseptic barrels.

Our products



tons of processed fruit
liters of minced fruit


Our Philosophy: quality, fairness, reliability

We are seeking to build constructive relationship with our Suppliers and Customers, who share our philosophy. To process and sell excellent Hungarian fruits with the strictest quality requirements and standards. This is our slogan from the beginnings and an obligation for ourselves as well. The fulfillment of the strictest quality standards is beginning at the selection of our Suppliers. It is important for us to meet our Customers’ needs, we ensure this, for example with the color test of the elderberry at the orchard before harvest. We use the results to choose the right purpose and processing method for the fruits.


  1. There are different classes at every fruit-quality and maturity-level!
  2. There is a quality for every class!
  3. There is a price for every quality!
  4. Every quality can be processed!
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